Chambly Stainless

18/10 stainless collection by

Where the skill of the true French Silversmiths makes the difference

Every item of Chambly 18/10 stainless is unique with its large European design, harmony of lines and the well balanced, yet heavy feeling, in your hand.

These are the marks of true French Silversmithing that Chambly brings to your table.

Inexpensive mass produced flatware uses the same tin sheet of metal through and through.  Chambly handcrafted quality harmoniously and subtly varies the curves and thickness of the metal throughout, a visible proof of truly superior silversmithing.

Smooth flowing curves are the Hallmark of a long tradition of French silversmithing that makes Chambly unique.

Further evidence of Chambly quality can be seen on the handle of the fork that is gently curved on both sides.  This minute detail adds to the harmony of the design and well-balanced feeling in the hand.

Chambly 18/10 stainless stands out by its exceptional finish, a high gloss surface without the tiniest flaw.  All edges are will rounded and polished.  Even the space between tynes is polished for the best appearance and easy care.

The Chambly18/10 stainless collection makes a statement of French style, from contemporary to bistro, to country along with elaborate French design and clean Art Deco lines.  It is a perfect expression of the grand tradition of French silversmithing and Joie de Vivre.

Unlike inexpensive stainless, Chambly features a thin carbon steel blade welded in a seamless joint to a nickel hollow handle.  The knives are heavy, well balanced and elegant.

The square stamp “Chambly France” affixed to each piece guarantees a heavy nickel and chrome stainless over 1/8 of an inch thick.